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Reviews of the Top 5 Millionaire Dating Sites in 2017

Reviews of the Top 5 Millionaire Dating Sites in 2017

Millionaire dating sites and millionaire dating apps are specific and professional online dating platform for millionaire men and women to find partners. This website tested all the millionaire matchmaker sites on the web and listed the top five of them with detailed reviews. To date a millionaire successfully, you are recommended to check the list and reviews of the best millionaire dating sites below.

Top 1: Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match
Millionaire Match is the best and the most effective millionaire dating site among online dating websites. It has been in online millionaire dating service for 16 years and it has been voted as the "Best of the Web" by Forbes.com. Its members include CEOs, investors, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, models and Hollywood celebrities. For making this site more professional on millionaire dating, Millionairematch.com provides some verified features through that people can date a verified and real millionaire here.

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Top 2: Seeking Millionaire

Seeking Millionaire
Seeking Millionaire is one of the best millionaire dating sites, and it is ranked as the second in this listing. This site draws a large number of wealthy as well as attractive members every day. Members on Seeking Millionaire can also verify identity and net worth as millionairematch.com. However, being the top 2 millionaire dating site in the world, seekingmillionaire.com has been proven to be less active when compared to the top 1 site Millionairematch.com.

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Top 3: Millionaire Mate

Millionaire Mate
Millionairemate.com is the top 3 millionaire dating site in the listing that provides you with the much needed millionaire dating service. As one of the rare free millionaire online dating site on the Internet, Millionaire Mate draws a large number of members, many of whom are beautiful women in search of rich millionaire singles. The service provides other attractive features for members as well and is easy to use. However, the site is not as safe as millionairematch.com.

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Top 4: Date a Millionaire

Date a Millionaire
Date a Millionaire is the top 4 millionaire dating site in the world that can provide you with the most promising millionaire matchmaking, and even celebrity dating opportunities. This site is one of the safest places to meet millionaires, in terms of new people and friends. By creating a profile and verifying it, you introduce yourself to other people from your desired location effortlessly, which might be a bit challenging to do physically. Well, some of the people you will mingle with through the site may not be compatible with you; however, you can make friends.

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Top 5: Wealthy Men

Wealthy Men
Wealthy Men is the top 5 millionaire dating website in the world with a great number of rich men who are ready to mingle with attractive women who are worth caring. This site provides ladies with a platform of dating wealthy men who have not only been successful, but have lots of money to spend on the right woman. Unlike other millionaire dating sites that do promise long term companionships; this site is more of short encounters, which are defined by exceptional pleasures. However, chances are that you might still find your perfect man or woman through the site.

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3 Places to Find Chicago Millionaires

3 Places to Find Chicago Millionaires

Speed dating Chicago
Chicago is one of the famous international financial centers and the third largest city in the United States, second only to New York and Los Angeles. It is the second largest commercial hub in the United States and the largest US futures market. The number of new urban enterprises in Chicago has been ranked first in the United States. It is also one of the most important cultural and educational centers in the world. So there are a large number of rich men in Chicago. So where to find Chicago millionaires?

1.  Bavette's Bar & Boeuf.

This bar is at Near North Side, River North, and 218 W Kinzie Street. Some local people choose this bar as their favorite one. This bar offers delicious food, great service and comfortable environment.

2.  Harborside International - Port Course.

Millionaires always like playing golf. This golf course is a high-end and international one. It is located at South Deering, 11001 S Doty Ave. This course does not have so many customers since its price. Most of the customers there are rich people since the price is $89 a round. It has awesome views and great service. You will fall in love with this course after playing golf there. And this is a good place to meet Chicago millionaires. If you are interested in this course, you can visit their official website: harborsideinternational.com.

3. Millionaire matchmaker sites.

Speed dating Chicago is a hot trend. More and more people are using online millionaire dating sites to find Chicago millionaires. You can read the reviews on home page of this website, and choose your favorite millionaire dating site. After joining one, you can use search features to search local millionaires in Chicago. Meanwhile, the top 1 website Millionaire Match requests millionaires to verify their income and identity. So girls do not need to worry about to find a fake millionaire.