The Pros & Cons of Dating a Millionaire

dating a millionairePros

Economic security

Money is an emotional life-jacket and a security blanket. Most millionaires did not become barons in a night. They took their time to save and invest. This simply means that millionaires are ready to spend on the right person. Therefore, anyone engaging a millionaire dating is more likely to be financially stable. All you need to do is prove that you are worth each and every dollar.

A Sparkling & Large Social Network

If you are looking to join a social network that is more focused on creating friendships or partnerships; then you should date millionaires. Millionaires are surrounded by compatible individuals in their social networks. Such kinds of people are a boundless source of guidance and mentorship. With a large social network you can broaden your horizons and at the same time sightsee new opportunities.

Lush Travels & Getaways

Dating millionaires is fun, because you get to travel to places you have only dreamt of over the years. Rich people like retreating to lavish places across the globe. Sky is the limit for them, and it can always be the same for you if you are the right person. Date a millionaire to enjoy luxuries and expensive travels, getaways and perks.

A Changed Lifestyle

Dating a millionaire will definitely change your lifestyle for the better. You will no longer have to live a messy life at a chaotic neighborhood. A millionaire will pay for you expensive rent for an apartment located in a lavish neighborhood. He or she will upgrade your living standards, starting with your apartment interior décor to the places you visit and work.


Treated Like a Property

As far as rich men dating are concerned, money is given as a substitute for emotion and affection. They use money to buy self-worth, loyalty and affection. They assume that reciprocated gifts are a token of love and caring. Millionaires are simply buyersof love and respect. They avoid feelings of rejection by pleasing cubs and sugar babies with their generosity.

Unfaithfulness and Selfishness

Millionaires spend a great deal of money on you; therefore, they can equally spend on other people if they like doing so. In fact, most millionaire cougars may tend to date and make love to more than one cub. Millionaires are only concerned with their satisfaction to the exclusion of others. They can take you out on a date today and dump you tomorrow; they do not really care of what becomes of you after whatever kind of relationship you had together.

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