How to Write Good Profiles on Millionaire Matchmaker Websites

Millionaire Matchmaker Websites

Online dating requires the interested people to give clear and precise information about them. Remember that the profile is what sells you and it should be about the real person that you are. Many people are getting it wrong when it comes to creating profiles for the dating website, especially with the millionaire matchmaker websites. The main reason people don’t find partners when using the dating sites is because they give a fake description about the person they are. Others make it generic by copy-pasting other people’s information without even recognizing that people have different personalities and interests. Therefore, why should a person give you the benefit of the doubt if you cannot be able to create a good profile? Here we will guide you on how to write good profiles that sell you to any person out there who is interested in finding a mate or partner in the millionaire matchmaker sites. These tips will apply to both the men and women.

Firstly, the common clichés should be avoided at all cost.

It has become a habit for all the online dating website users that they must add information that will attract someone to you. Some of these phrases are saying that you like walking on the beaches, drinking wine in a rich bar in the town among others. Your profile needs to be outstanding by adding something else that comes from you. For example, you can say that you like nature walk or sitting on the river banks where the sound of the flowing water makes you relax.

Secondly, your hobbies mean a lot, and they can attract or drive people away. 

We are sure that some of us don’t have hobbies that can be done outdoor, but this time you must come up with one. We know that not all people like to spend their hobby time being indoor thus the hobbies must be friendly. This is because you don’t know anything about the person who will message you after going through your profile. Note that friendly hobbies such as going to exhibitions and concerts will urge the other person to find you to know you more. Examples of unfriendly hobbies are an internet addict among others.

Thirdly, add profile photos that show you are doing any of the hobbies that you listed.

If the website allows you to add multiple photos, choose the best and add them. The picture should not be photo shopped or edited to give false looks about you. Learn to update your pictures to make your profile look recent.

Fourthly, be specific and honest. 

 You must tell your potential partners what kind of people you are looking forward to starting a relationship with. If you need a short lady or tall man, say it and you will get your potential lady or man. For instance, you can say that you like traveling to new towns or new places. And you expect your partner have the same taste like yours! Being honest helps to avoid future disagreements or regrets that come as a result of not being true to you.

Lastly, your profile should be short and sweet.

Most women add information that is very long. The information should be short, precise and eye-catching. For men, you just need to spice up your profiles. Even a profile picture that does not have a smile makes your profile to be sweet. Note that there should be no grammar errors in your writing!

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