Avoid Dating Three Kinds of Wealthy Men

Dating wealthy men

Say rich, and all that comes in mind is a million trips to Paris and London on a private jet with endless gifts and a bottomless credit card for all the shopping you can carry home. As a matter of facts, this describes it. It is the ultimate reason every girl will put herself out there and grab any opportunity that knocks on her door. The thing is, if he has gotten the money, he can get whatever he wants, including you if you attach a price tag on your back. At this point, it only begs the question just how low you are willing to pull your flag to stay on his budget. Here are, however, three types of men you should not even think twice about no matter how badly you might be craving for a sponsor when dating wealthy men:

1. The married man

Yes he is rich, and he can afford to keep you both, but he has wife already! No one can explain the allure of the married man but trust us it is not all diamond because it shines. The problem is his sweet tongue that will make you do things you swore never to try. He isn’t going to be there for you as he claims. He is not having any troubles with the wife either, don’t fall for the sympathy card either! Practice makes perfect. And if you are about to fall into his trap, sorry to inform you that you are not his first side project. We have no idea why you would think you will be his last. So even if he keeps the gifts coming, you know better.

2. The proud man

This kind of wealthy man has all he wants, but he forgets he needs something from you or other persons. He is extremely bossy and tight even to the doorman. He will complain about almost everything. And he wants things done his way, and any other way is the wrong way. Don’t wonder if he takes you to dinner. And you have the price of everything he is wearing by the time you leave. We don’t know if you still want to go after him. However, if you ask us, we would totally keep off.

3. The potential assaulter

Let him be married, let him be proud but dare not sacrifice your beautiful face for the money when dating wealthy men! I say it again; it is not worth the psychological damage! Be it physical or simply insults, don’t follow him if you feel he will assault you in any way. As a matter of facts, he is not the only one who can offer what you need.


With that said, when dating wealthy men, you can be sure if you watch out for these key indicators of a bad choice. Irrespective of how desperate you might be, you still have a variety to choose from. Go for what works and makes you happy at the cost you are willing to incur.

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