Where to Meet Millionaires in NYC

Millionaire dating happens in all the big cities around the world. Girls in college are more willing to find millionaires than normal guys. They wish they can have a luxury lifestyle with expensive gifts, luxury travels and that’s why they wish to find a millionaire man so much. There are many millionaire men in the developed countries like America, Canada and Australia. A new investigation shows that America has most of the millionaires. And New York city has the most of the wealthiest people in America.

So how many millionaires in nyc?


how many millionaires in nyc


As you can see in the image, the New York city is ranked as No. 1 both in America and in the world. It has 8655 people who are worth more than $30 million. So many New York millionaires are waiting for beautiful girls to chase.

So where to meet millionaires in NYC?

1. Millionaire clubs. These clubs only offers services to rich men and women. So girls are not so easy to get into these clubs unless be invited by members. And even if you get a way to join these clubs, the opportunity of catching a millionaire man is very slim.

2. Golf courses. Rich people like playing golf and they also like discussing business stuff in golf courses. So if you cannot enter a millionaire club, this is a place to meet millionaires.

3. Millionaire matchmaker websites. Choose a reliable millionaire match website. Register an account and search for New York millionaires. Then you will get the profiles of them. This is the easiest way to find a millionaire, but we recommend you to read our reviews on homepage to choose a safe millionaire dating website.

millionaires in nyc
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