Is It Shameful to Date a Rich Man?

Is it okay to be in love with the rich people?

date a rich manThere’s nothing that can’t be done. It’s lots of women’s dream to date a rich man. Both men and women have demands of love, and they are eager to the Mr. /Mrs. Right. A man with taste will not take the beautiful body to the private space as a decoration; a successful woman doesn’t want her man to have a handsome appearance only. Nowadays, the basic orientation of human appreciation has been formed, and the concept of love has been mature.

There are a variety of choices of lover, but only one person will spend life with you. Therefore, there is no reason for people not to choose a good one. Becoming rich is not a sign of bad or becoming bad. The rich people who have come all the way through their own skills have paid the price, so they have the right to get their own happiness.

Falling in love with a rich man is not only for his money, but also for the quality of his success. Of course, this kind of love concept may only be suitable for mature people, because the hero who owns this idea has a strong psychological capital. Are you a person with capital? If so, then you can date a rich man now.

It’s not shameful to date a rich man – Break with ‘money worship’

celebrity datingDoes a celebrity need love? Of course yes. If you fall in love with a celebrity is defined as covet fame, then the celebrity will be an animal with no companion. Does a rich man need love? If the answer is no, then it is not normal. The world will never fall into that absurdity: A rich man was isolated; A successful person, an excellent life cannot be continued. Such an assumption is absurd.

‘Date a rich man’ has become a relatively common social phenomenon, but also a relatively common social psychology. However, it is absurd logical thinking to link ‘date a rich man’ and ‘money worship’ completely. Mature love view and mature values are running on the same track.

In the male society at past, people exaggerate the subject consciousness of men unilaterally, and women have little right to choose freely. In the modern society, women have been greatly liberated, the standards of spouse selection, the standard of choice, have undergone irresistible changes. Especially today, young men and women are facing an era of fierce market competition. Therefore, their self choice consciousness and security consciousness are more intense.

The choice of excellence is the standard from ancient times to the present. All the people need to face the market competition. Who wins in the competition, who has the priority to choose the better one. This is also a natural elimination process, it cannot be generalized to ‘money worship’.

After all, money-oriented people are minority.

Rich people have also been turned from speculative to dominant groups by strength. People are facing to choose and to be chosen. Men are choosing women, also women are choosing men. Life is real, and real life also eliminates extreme romanticists.

‘Date a rich man’ is a possibility and an inevitable psychological tendency. Reality is reality; blind avoidance and blind negation are not desirable. Facts will tell people: “a person with mature love psychology will get the final happiness.”

‘Date a rich man’ and ‘celebrity dating’ are only a choice, a possibility. The relationships will be success or not, they have a long way to go. To succeed in ‘Date a rich man’, we should break with the pure “money worship” psychologically.

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