Do Rich People Have a Better Sexual Life?

Do rich people have a better sexual life than other normal people? Is there an inevitable relationship between money and sex? Let’s talk about this topic.

The sexual life of rich people is more colorful. The possibility of achieving orgasm in sexual life in marriage is also proportional to their income.

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High income people have a common way of living – fitness. Although many people do not particularly emphasize that fitness is for sex in the survey, they all admit that it is good for sex.

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Most of the high – income people are free to control their time although they are busy. This makes it easier for them to enjoy the time of sex.

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However, there are many good examples of the very harmonious sexual life of low-income people. There are also a large number of high – income people that have disharmony sexual life because of the pressure.

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Most of the rich people have a higher level of knowledge. They know more about the equating between happiness and sex. They can also release themselves better in sex.

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If the frequency of orgasm is calculated according to the percentage system, the rich husbands get 71 points on average; the middle income people can also reach an average of 67 points; but low income people have only 60 points.

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In the eight common ways of caressing and intercourse, the rich husband used 4.6 ways on average; the middle income people adopt 4.2 ways on average; but the low income husbands only used 3.5 ways.

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Romance is not necessarily related to money. But in most cases, money does make romance easier. Luxury cars, houses and luxury candlelight dinner are all bought by money.

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Therefore, if you are seeking a rich man on some best millionaire dating sites, make sure he has a strong body and a strong desire.

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