Tips to Find Scammers on a Rich People Dating Site

rich people dating siteRegardless of whether you are a millionaire or someone registered on dating site to find millionaires, it is always better to be cautious from the scammers. Though the authorized rich people dating site strive to register only the genuine profiles, it is better to keep the following pointers into consideration for a better experience:

View their Profile

View their profile before planning for your date and check for the information they have shared. If you find any detail that sounds weird like a widow with a child or a self-employed who work overseas, just cancel your plan. It’s better to wait for the right partner for a while than getting into a trap.

Save their Picture

Many times, the users upload beautiful pictures of others on a dating site to find millionaires and make their fortune. To ensure you are not on their list, save their picture and search for it on Google. Check for all the information associated with the picture and if found authorized, go ahead.

Note down their Age

While communicating with someone on a rich people dating site, don’t hesitate to ask his/her age. Make a note of it immediately. It might sound weird, but various younger guys/girls intentionally interact with rich people between 50 and 60 years. And their only intention behind is to become richer faster and for longer. (P.S: They will wait for your death to enjoy on your money).

Examine their Shared pictures

Suppose you found someone on a rich people dating site and he says is working in an office. However, when he shared his picture, you find something fishy. It does not gel with the office environment. So, what’s next? Simple, leave him immediately as he might be a scammer and begin your search once more.

Consider the Emails they Share

Keep an eye on the kind of email they send. If they frequently misspell your name or their own name or have a bad command over English, he/she can’t be a millionaire. So, don’t waste time over them.

Record their Phone Calls

Don’t get moved with the feeling of talking late night on phone. Be alert and watch for their accent. Evaluate if their accent goes with that of the country their claim to be from or living currently. Also, ask some questions related to their local region to check if they really belong to that place. Also, have a check on the phone number to see if its code resembles with the area the user claims to be from. If you find anything suspicious, block him/her and report to the authorized rich people dating site.

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