How to Handle the ‘Send a Nxde’ Request from a Millionaire?

free millionaire dating sitesIt sounds weird and freaking out when a handsome guy from free millionaire dating sites ask for nxdes, just in the mid of a conversation. You feel paranoid and can’t decide if you should call off this request or compromise with your fear of getting your pictures leaked or something really troublesome.

Well, though the free millionaire dating sites ensure that your privacy is never compromised, you can still take your security a level ahead with the following steps:

1. Make it a Two-Way Road

This might seem crazy, but can be a great trick to handle this situation. Just ask the guy to exchange his pictures in return of yours. Now, two things would happen – either the guy will call off the activity and you will get an escape from sending your nxdes, or you both will be having pictures of each other which will spice up your conversation and relationship.

Sounds interesting, right? Give a try at once.

2. Never Show Your Face

If the first trick doesn’t work, here’s another. Even if you trust him blindly, don’t take this risk. Never reveal your face into the pictures. Choose the perfect light and angle that makes your body look seductive and just amazing. This will make him fall crazy and leave with no complaints even if you are not showing your face.

3. Double Check the Recipient

It happens many times. Out of fear, excitement or some adrenaline rush, we send the nxdes to some other contact by mistake. This turns out to be really embarrassing and sometimes, into something beyond. So check the recipient twice before tapping on the ‘Send’ button.

4. Remember that You Owe Him Nothing

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that you are not his private property. You need not always do what he wants – even if he is one of those with right free millionaire dating sites reviews. You can say ‘No’ if you are not comfortable with the idea and want to not send a nxde today or ever. You owe him nothing.

5. Make Some Rules

Last but not least, make it certain that you set some rules for the future. You both decide and make some regulations about what is fair in your relationship and what is not. This will eventually make it easier for you both to refrain any complication in the future and have a smoother time ahead.

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