4 Tips to Avoid Being Friend-zoned by Billionaires

billionairesFriend-zoned – This word is often seen as a last name of a guy. People think that only hot and sexy girls have the right to friend-zone any man who has been friendly or hitting on her. But unfortunately, the flip situation also happens.

Girls also get friend-zoned in the current world of relationships. They too find their dreams and hopes shattered when their man call them ‘Just a Friend’. And this grief gets double when they get friend-zoned by billionaires – the ones who would have been their ticket to a rich life.

This truth has made various girls registering on billionaire dating sites worried about their future. It has made it necessary for them to stress upon how to ensure that all of their effort and time does not go in vain.

Here, we will share a few tips that would make it impossible for Billionaires to not ask you for a relationship – friend-zoning is something beyond.

1. Be Sexually Appealing

In a world full of sexy and beautiful women, it is tough to grab the attention of rich men mere with a golden heart. Therefore, the very first thing you need to do is to upgrade your wardrobe and lifestyle and come up with the most irresistible yet sophisticated version of yourself.

2. Show Your Classy Side

Rich men are fond of classic things. They even prefer showing love in classic style. So dump your cheerful and energetic soul somewhere for a while and go classy.

Learn to wear sophisticated dresses, walk elegantly, and speak in a low tone while taking pauses regularly. Trust me, this cost-effective method, will make him find you genuinely attractive and think of proposing you – and not friend-zone you.

3. Embrace Silence

It has noticed that girls who have been talkative, cheerful and comfortable with a guy all the time fall into the category of friend-zoned. So avoid being one.

Rather, invest some time in making awkward silence between you two. When you do not fill the gap, they feel that you are not crazy after them. And eventually, they put efforts into continuing the conversation.

4. Use Body Language

Last but not least, use your body language to make him attracted to you. Make eye contact while you are talking, use your best features to take his attention, act more feminine, and so on. All these actions will speak louder than your words and make billionaires turn on.

Therefore, these are the 4 might ways you can skip the stage of being friend-zoned and became bae of the one you met on billionaire dating sites. Apply them in your life today!

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